Biggest Fears of Getting Lip Blush

We want ALL of our clients to COME IN confident and leave confident! We know every client is different and every client has different fears. The most commonly are

1. Does it hurt?

2. Color selection...How do you choose a color?

3. What does recovery time look like? 

We use a unique and gentle PMU technique to apply color through a gentle microshading process. There is only minimal, temporary swelling (which some clients love) which reduces typically within 24 hrs.  

We determine your skin undertones and your fitzpatrick (fancy word for how much melanin is in the skin)! We love it when our clients bring in their go-to lip shade! FInally, we carefully create a shade customized just for you! 💋

For our lip blush technique, our goal is to create a tinted lip with a soft, defined border to your pout. Watercolor Lip Blush, our most popular permanent lip blushing service, restores and enhances your lips by providing a natural looking and effortless blush of color.

You can always add color to the Lip Blush we create.  The purpose of  this service is to create a beautiful and natural color to you won't HAVE to reapply lipstick all day.  You can always add more to the customized color we have applied for you.

For recovery! Easy peasy at Outliner Studio! You may feel your lips will be chapped for just a few days and you will want to avoid your chap stick. Aftercare can vary depending on the artist of choice but here is our aftercare...

What does aftercare for Permanent Lip Blush look like?
Day 1: No moisture to the area, except gentle patting. With a damp, clean, cotton pad every 10 minutes for the first two hrs after the service. The purpose is to remove clear lympathic fluid. Shower as usual; nightly. No exfoliating soaps.

Day 2: Gently wash the pigmented area with mild soap & water using fingertips 1-2 times per day. The area may feel dry or chapped but refrain from moisturizing the area at all.

Day 3-6: Repeat washing. You can now apply Aquaphor 2X per day. Peeling or sloughing may occur. DO NOT PICK!

Permanent Lip Blush is one of our top selling services and we can't wait to customize a beautiful pout just for you!



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