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Permanent Makeup can make ALL the difference in the most natural and beautiful way.  You can see our healed results at Outliner Studio EVERYWHERE.  See can find our photos in our website, instagram and Facebook which are typically healed unless we stated otherwise.

Lip Blush Tattoo

Check out this artist spotlight which shows a beautiful healed lip blush by Katie V who has been creating effortless and flawless results since she has joined the Permanent Makeup team at Outliner Studio. Whether a sheer or more vibrant look for your lips- she is your girl!

Permanent Makeup Artist Mobile, AL



As a client,  you want to see your PMU Artist healed result since this is the result you will live with.  Immediately after results can look darker, more defined, and if you are seeking Microblading results for brows- immediately after photos will show crisp hair strokes which are deceiving when shopping for a long term result.   

As a client looking for Permanent Makeup, you always must see the healed results and the portfolio from the PMU Artist and if not...BEWARE.  

Seeing healed results proves that the artist has a quality technique that will heal well in the skin.  


Pro Tip: Don't buy cheap Permanent Makeup- this is your face after all! Typically the price of the service reflects the price the artist has invested in their PMU Training.  At Outliner Studio we believe in accessible pricing for Permanent Makeup and Lip Blush.  

Remember, Permanent Makeup is not like regular makeup that sits on top of the skin nor is it implanted like a regular tattoo. It is completely different- From the tools, equipment and the way it is applied. The PMU heals within the skin which means it must be placed in the proper layer, non invasively and with the proper tools and pigments.  

Lip Tattoo

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