When choosing a permanent makeup artist here are a few tips in case you can't get to us! We have many clients who travel to us for PMU, but if you can't make it to us here are a few tips: 

1. Choose an artist who shares their HEALED permanent makeup with you
(Immediately after results are not accurate advertising or reflection of the talent of the artist!)

2. Read over all pre appointment info <link in bio>. Make sure to come prepared to your appointment, refraining from certain skin products prior to your appointment. YOU KNOW YOUR MEDICAL HISTORY. Sometimes, pre medication or a doctors note is required and it is your responsibility to look over these.

3. Find a Gold Certified artist through the @aampmuboard
(They have a directory of certified artists per state)

4. Permanent makeup is more beautiful when created as a process where the artist builds the color over time. Do not pressure your artist to try and "get it all done" in one appointment... This can cause undesirable over saturation to the area. Remember, with PMU there is a healing PROCESS and adjustments/addition of color can be made at your touch up visits! It is much better to add more than to need to "take away".

5. Don't price shop. Look at the healed results, reviews and the work of the artist you LOVE. If you are going to a quality artist they have probably invested in their education and results to provide you the best results possible. This is your face. If you love a #permanentmakeupartist and their work...PAY THE MONEY.

Want to learn more about our services? Shoot us a DM or schedule a call through the link above!

We are the FIRST and ONLY #goldcertified #boardcertified with the @aampmuboard in the ENTIRE state of #alabama

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