NEW YEAR NEW CONFIDENCE... Let's Recap 2021 First though


We couldn't have had the year without YOU.  Seriously.  We are planning an even BIGGER 2022 but for now Check out our 2021 HIGHLIGHTS! 


1.  Mary Emily Davidson, owner and PMU Artist of Outliner Studio was featured in Access Magazine in the 50 Most Beautiful!  

2. This year we launched our #reviveandthriveevent which provided 2 DAYS of FREE Medical Art for Breast Cancer Survivors.  This included our Ultra Realistic Areola Tattoo and Permanent Brows for those who lost their brows due to chemotherapy.  We partnered with Dr. Chris Park, of the Park & Rebowe Clinic for Plastic Surgery to provide permanent makeup for his patients.  We LOVE to give back and do whatever we can to restore what may have been lost due to Breast Cancer. #cancersucks

3. We launched our BRAND NEW WEBSITE to provide better, easier, and updated information about our Permanent Makeup services.  Yes, permanent makeup is a tattoo, and we explain in detail about our services, how to prepare for your appointment, what to expect, and how to care! 

4.  Ya'll, our PMU QUIZ is AWESOME.  If you don't want to read about each service, take our beauty quiz and you can find out a lot of information that is tailored  JUST. FOR. YOU. 

5. We launched our online SHOP and BOOK NOW pages.  You can easily shop for Gift Cards online, Book Appointments online, and shop our favorite cosmetics.  CHECK IT OUT. 

6. Interested in being an #outlinerstudioambassador ?  We loving sharing our permanent makeup with the world, and our clients love sharing their PMU with YOU!

Shoot us an email if you love your healed results and we would love talk more.  Of course, you must to be an Outliner Studio client. We had a fun day with our clients showing off their #wakeupmadeup looks. 

Our 2022 goals?

Hint: Check out our Training and Shop pages in the New Year!


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    Sheila Mahoney

    Mary Emily,

    HUGE congratulations on your super successful year!

    My PMU eyebrows stillllll amaze me!! You did SUCH an incredible job! They are so natural looking and make a really big difference in the way they frame my face.

    Thank you again!

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