Summer Class at The Academy at Outliner Studio are in FULL SWING!

In a time where the world of Permanent Makeup is BOOMING- Quality Permanent Makeup Training and services are in demand more than ever.

As a professional permanent makeup artist and trainer, I’m often asked about what it’s like to work in this exciting industry. And let me tell you, it’s an incredible profession that can bring you financial stability and flexible working hours - not to mention a sense of pride and accomplishment from helping your clients feel more confident in their appearance.

But before you start working as a permanent makeup artist, it’s essential to have proper training, certification, and experience. Permanent makeup is a delicate art that requires precision and expertise, and you need to understand related subjects like color theory, skin physiology, and health and safety regulations.

However, overly sold classes with packed students and promises to "get rich quick" are being sold left and right- with some PMU training programs are promising to teach students to learn an art - Permanent Makeup in less than just a few days.

That's right- some PMU schools teaching Permanent Makeup in just ONE or two days.... or even worse- online ONLY classes with ZERO hands on experience!  Is this the type of Permanent Makeup you want to be applied to your face? No, thank you.

With the boom in Permanent Makeup we decided if people are going to learn they are going to learn it the correct way.  The last thing we like to see as a PMU studio are clients who come to us needing "correcting" or "tattoo removal" from other inexperienced or artists who did not invest wisely in their training.  The truth is, they probably did not learn Permanent Makeup correctly.  

We want to change this mentality and epidemic or bad PMU training- we want to teach our students the right way.  This time more time, more effort but in the end our students have MORE CONFIDENCE.  Not just in their skills but how they are helping others.

Permanent Makeup Training

The Academy at Outliner Studio teaches one of the most extensive Permanent Makeup Training available with small classes sizes and detailed information for weeks long.  We want our students confident in their skills so they can provide quality Permanent Makeup to their clients.  

The way the class is designed is to provide one day for EACH topic.  Topics covered include color theory, needle knowledge machine knowledge, client history, and so much more... making this Permanent Makeup Training one of the most extensive training available. Students work with models and have plenty of time with their instructor, Mary Emily Davidson.  The students work on technique and applying all of the principles to their art with small class sizes of only 4 students :1 teacher.

Permanent Makeup Classes

We believe in teaching a lot of information on the front end . We believe that if our students understand WHY they are using the product, equipment or technique then they can apply apply a customized approach to their clients. This takes applying all of this knowledge to their art.

Permanent Makeup Studio

We want our students working start to finish working with models after weeks of online and in person training.  

Outliner Studio provides a beautiful brand new space to accommodate all of their incredible clients and students.

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