Our Top 6 Tips | Preparing for your Permanent Makeup Touch Up

Permanent Makeup is one of the lowest maintenance beauty services you can receive needing touch ups from a broad range of 1-5 years.  PMU lasts a long time which makes it one of the best biggest -bang -for -your- buck-beauty-services.  

Even though PMU is a great long term solution for enhancing your features,  Permanent Makeup is not TOTALLY permanent.  You will need to plan to book a 1-3 year touch up to have the color "boosted" and maintained.  Lip Blushing and Permanent Eyeliner typically lasts longer (up to 3-5 years) than permanent brows (1-3 years).  

When planning your PMU appointment every 1-5 years, it is important to take some extra steps to make sure your skin is best prepared before your appointment.  Believe it or not, but how the client PREPARES and CARES for their permanent makeup (3-4 weeks before and after their appointment) is a huge factor in determining the retention, result, and long term results. 

Our Top Tips to Preparing for your PMU Touch ups.

 1.  Review Waiting Periods.  Certain products and skin treatments are amazing for your skin, lashes, or hair growth...but NOT great for PMU. 

Ya'll, Retin-A + PMU are not friends.... You need to discontinue exfoliating skin treatments, products, and services 4 weeks before or after your PMU appointment.  It is hard to hear, but TRUST.

 Lip Fillers (for Lip Blushing).


Lash Boosting products for Permanent Eyeliner.

Make sure to review the products, skin treatments, and skin routines you need to discontinue to have the BEST PMU results possible.

2.  Prepare your skin.  Gently scrubbing the outer layer of you skin and moisturizing the area before your PMU appointment is a great way to prepare.  The healthier the better. 

3. Research. Look up your artist and follow their HEALED results which should be displayed on Instagram, Facebook, or the PMU artist website.  Whomever you chose for your PMU artist, save their healed results so your artist has a good idea on the color, design, or style your are expecting.   

Permanent makeup can be adjusted (somewhat) and so if there are any adjustments that CAN be made after the initial appointment, it is best to do it at this "touch up" appointment. Make sure you develop a good relationship with your artist and communicate your expectations, and make sure to listen to what your artist can provide for you. 

4.  Skin Health.  If you come to your appointment with chapped or damaged skin- do not expect retention.  Make sure your skin is healthy and not in anyway inflamed coming into your appointment. 

Sunburned skin, tanned skin, chapped, active Rosacea to the area, etc... are NOT great and your must reschedule if you are suffering from these skin problems.  Pro Tip: for Lip Blushing, exfoliate and moisturize your lips a few days before your appointment.

5. Your Health.  Make sure you have spoken to your doctor if you have any medical problems. Your artist should use proper sanitation techniques but some people are at a higher risk of infection. Pre medicating (if needed) is the safest way to receive permanent makeup.  Remember, if you have a history of fever blisters (even one) you must speak with your doctor and pre medicate before your PMU Lip Blushing appointment.

Make sure to review ALL contraindications and health history which requires premedication before you come to your appointment.  Pregnancy, breast feeding, chemo/radiation, or active skin inflammation are all contraindications for PMU which means you MUST reschedule.  

6. Set Proper Expectations.  Communicating with your artist is a very important step in achieving your desired results.   PMU is a fast growing field and it is important to chose a dependable artist with proven healed results. 

Permanent Makeup is not an exact science and is ARTIST DEPENDENT.  Make sure you chose an artist with consistent HEALED results and always remember this is your face....You get what you pay for.

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