What is a Lash Enhancement? How is Permanent Eyeliner applied?

Hey gorgeous,

Are you tired of the daily struggle of applying eyeliner? Do you want perfect eyeliner that lasts all day, every day? Well, say goodbye to the smudging, smearing, and uneven lines – because permanent eyeliner is here to save the day!

So, what exactly is permanent eyeliner?

Permanent eyeliner is a cosmetic tattoo that uses a tiny needle to deposit ink into the lash line, creating the illusion of fuller, darker lashes. Through the art of micropigmentation, it's perfect for people who want to enhance their eyes without the daily hassle of applying eyeliner.  However, there are different styles of permanent eyeliner tattooing.... Anywhere from an unobvious but enhancing color added to the lash line, to a more bolder- more "noticeable" Soft Top Liner, to a bold and winged "Shadow Liner".  

At Outliner Studio, we offer a variety of permanent eyeliner styles to suit your personal preference. Our most popular options include The Soft Top Liner, A Winged Shadow Liner, and Permanent Lash Enhancement.

What is a lash enhancement, you ask?

A lash enhancement is a subtle option that enhances the lash line without a bold or dramatic look. It's perfect for people who want a more natural and subtle appearance. The result is fuller, darker lashes that complement your natural beauty.  This is recommended for a client who wants their eyes enhanced without showing a noticeable eyeliner.

The application process involves a skilled technician using a specially designed tool to deposit ink just between your natural lashes. The overall process takes approximately one hour, and the results last for years with proper care.

At Outliner Studio, we custom-blend our ink colors to ensure a perfect match for your skin tone and hair color. However, typically we use natural colors that would match a natural eyeliner to provide a beautiful aesthetic and enhancement to the eyes,

Whether you prefer a classic look, a bold winged liner, or a subtle lash enhancement, our expert permanent makeup artists can help you achieve the perfect look with permanent eyeliner.  A natural enhancement to the lash line to a bolder winged eyeliner....

At Outliner Studio, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience at our beautiful new Permanent Makeup Studio located at 4742 Airport Blvd Mobile, AL 36608.   We provide cutting-edge technology, paired with years of experience, to ensure a flawless result. You can trust us to deliver the best in permanent eyeliner tattooing.  So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment with Outliner Studio today, and say hello to gorgeous, perfect eyeliner every day!

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