Why You Should Choose a Board Certified Permanent Makeup Artist with the American Academy of Micropigmentation

We so excited to announce that we are the ONLY Gold CertifiedPermanent Makeup Studio in the ENTIRE state of Alabama. We are so proud to be acknowledged by the American Academy of Micro-pigmentation for our hard work and commitment to the highest of standard.

We know it’s important to set yourself apart and stay on top of industry trends to bring our clients and our student the BEST of the BEST. We are so grateful for the many resources they provide and helping us take our careers and our community to the next level!

Mary Emily Davidson, the owner, pmu trainer and CEO of Outliner Studio brings the most modern and safe techniques to her clients and students. Her healed work has been reviewed by top permanent makeup artists in the USA, she has passed her board exam, her sterilization process has been reviewed, proof of insurance, years of experience and so many more credentials are required to hold this board certification! A few reasons why you should chose a board certified artist for your permanent makeup to make sure your permanent makeup is to the highest standard.

This is your face, after all. 

Link below to find the nearest board certified artist near you!


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